Friday, November 24, 2006

olla..i'm doing a bit ok today yeah after the worst storm. i'm trying to ignore the pain inside of me. luckily i still hv my sist. she's the one who's been supporting me about this situation. incidentally she's gone the same route b4 and i was the one who's encouraging her now it's my turn to fall down *sux*. whatever, ok i'm not going to let my heart out again. it's kind of lame actually, i'm moving on and trying to get pass this.

i hv no clue what to say. i'm hoping to meet my hs friend next week, that's the only thing that keeps me motivated *secara mood gw emg ancur bgt!!*. i just can't wait coz it's been forever since i met her. i mean we've grown so much since our last meeting and it's really good when we can put our past behind us. i think both of us have gone through rough path and we both kinda share the same advices. i've known her for such a long time but unfortch we weren't close when we were in hs but when she went abroad to pursue her studies she contacted me and blablabla we became closer than ever. *secara emg gw g byk tmn dan dy itu kenal gw bgt* jd yh begitulah gw g sabar mo ketemu *lmyn bwt refreshing*. pheeeww..

i hv no plans for this weekend, maybe i'm going to chill or just spend my time watching soccer. o yeah my sist got her psp at las with this bundle of games and free gifts *christmas comes early my dear?* haha she got her psp and i got my baby noir ipod haha i'm still happy although i hv my pinky-ipod still i want to get the brand new noir-ipod. i actually wanted to buy a camera but i still couldn't find the right one so i pick my noir. gosh..THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING!! THANK YOU GOD FOR LISTENING TO EVERY PRAYER, BEING THERE FOR ME, AND GIVING ME THE BEST IN LIFE *FAMILY AND LOVED ONES*..there's always good reasons behind the drama, lies, deceit, and hatred.

take my note, everything happens for good reasons. i've been there done that and mebbe i'm much more mature beyond my years because of what i've gone through and i thank God for that. i will always have my faith in God, my family, and my loved ones.i'd never want to trade everything for the experiences i went thru although i know those bummers were frustrating at first, thank God i could handle it properly. i can say this coz i've been there seriously mebbe ppl would say owh ure just too young to understand but believe me i've had much worst storm than anyone my age ever has. i hope i can be a better person everyday i open my eyes i don't want to overstated everything but it's just so hard to be a better person *innerly and outterly*.



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