Monday, November 20, 2006


I'm on fire..haha guess what?in such short few days i have receieved different treatments from two people who are very dear to me. i think i have fulfilled my responsibilities towards them but the fact that they're playing fire against me makes me sic! yeah sic! i have *allmixedup* feelings inside of me and it's not cool at all. angry-dissapointed-hurt-tired. although i'm taking a rest from these two ppl. but i still receive texts and it kinda makes me feel lot more dissapointed than before.and i have finally saw the whole truth so i feel the pressure is on me now.

i just want you both to realize your mistakes and fix it. i just want you to realize and learn something while you still have me and while you still can.

i dunno if iever forgive 'em for what they hv done or said. not only their words hv affected me but it's also what they've done without my knowledge. maybe they'll say i'm over-sensitive but it's who iam. and i can't change the fact that that i'm hyper-sesnitive or whatever. just as the way i accept them as one of my loved ones. oh God i still can't figure out what the hell i shud do with them. i dun want to mess things up and i dun want to write more mistakes by giving them one more chance *i dun believe in 3rd chance*

mebbe i'm not expecting you to treat me like i do but can u pls just try to understand that i hv feelings too and i bruise easily..

*reysha fabrista-thelilone-*

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