Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Can you blow a bubble?:
* sist can't..poor her
Can you dance?:
*the idiotic kind of dance?
Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue?:
* huh?
Can you touch your toes?:
*'s easy
Can you whistle?:
Can you wiggle your ears?:
* my sist can..i can't!!
Can you wiggle your nose?:
* no, mebbe it's too big
Did you ever get into a fist fight in school?:
* almost
Did you ever run away from home?:
* of course never-ever..
Did you ever want to be a doctor?:
* yeah and it's stupid
Did you ever want to be a firefighter?:
* gosh no..i wasn't born with the equipments haha
Do you believe in God?:
* i do and will always DO
Do you know how to swim?:
* yeah, i took private lessons during primary school
i'm a better swimmer than my sist haha
Do you like roller coasters?:
* yeah but unfortch noone except my dad is willing to go with me
Do you own a bike?:
* used to..b4 i fell from my sist bike
and broke my arm
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?:
* haha no!!
Does hair loss run in your family at all?:
* i guess but mine is fine
Does your car get good gas mileage?:
* i guess..ask my sist
Does your family have family picnics?:
*'s ridiculous my dad has a very hectic schedule
Have you ever been on a plane?
* uh-huh
Have you ever asked someone out?:
* hvn't..dun hv the guts
Have you ever been asked out by someone?
* yeah
Have you ever been to the ocean?:
* yupp
Have you ever gone fishing?:
* hvn't tried..mebbe in the future
Have you ever painted your nails?:
* yeah!!i'm addicted!!luckily i hvn't been able
to paint nowadays i've been extremely busy with loads of stuff
Last person you hung out with?:
* my sist *see, we're inseparable*
Last thing you said out loud?:
* about real madrid
Last thing someone said to you?:
* shut up your voice is too loud
What are you listening to? :
* attitude by alien ant farm
What is the weather outside?:
* it's very2 cloudy not nice at all i think it just stopped raining
for about 1/2 an hour
What radio station do you listen to?:
* fly fm
What was the last restaurant you at eat?:
* my own kitchen
What was the last thing you bought?:
* fried banana yummy!!
What was the last thing you had to drink?:
* water..water..water
what was the last t.v. show you watched?:
* beside soccer, laguna beach
talked to on the phone?:
* mommy
Who is your current crush?:
* hihihi someone on my phone's wallpaper
Who was the last person you took pictures with?:
* gosh it's been a while since i took pictures
Who is in your default picture?:
* my heartthrob
Who was the last person to leave you a comment?:
* dun remember
Who was the last person you said i love you to:
* anyone special

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