Wednesday, December 27, 2006


olla..pheew after the extra-long-horrid-weekend, at last i'm turning a new blank page. real madrid was beaten by recreativo huelva by 3-0 *that's why we're in the sad mode*, luckily arsenal managed to get 6-2 with blackburn rovers *yayy!!*. yesterday me and my sist watched 4 soccer games unintentionally, man utd-chelsea vs reading-liverpool vs blackburn-arsenal vs watford. man, i had a great day yesterday. this morning me and my sist had to go to fix our internet modem coz we hdn't been able to use the internet for days and noone informed us that we had to bring our old-lame modem to get the new faster one *it's big and look ridiculous* haha. but i'm happy to be able to surf, blog, and of course i miss my perez+justjared+tms+pitb.

yesterday was the *laguna beach* day, and the episode was a bit sux especially alex *no, kyndra wasn't really on it*. i mean wake up after alex broke up with rocky, he started asking numbers from girls and now rocky's having a gr8 date with nick w suddenly he's calling rocky slut, etc. gosh that guy is such a lame ass. i'm not taking sides but that guy's a total loser. my x is almost that kind of guy too..he can't stop talking about me i guess!! haha lame..lame..lame..

i've been writing poems lately, it's already 100 something and it's very2 realieving when i'm facing something difficult or when i'm all alone in my room trying to figure out myself. it's good to know that i've grown up a bit, basically i'm still the same demanding princess in the house. but people can never see that side of me, i keep it all to my family and myself. i dunno where did i get the blood coz both of my parents aren't into poems or poet.

i'm looking forward to next week, i'm still confused on invitations from my friends. coz i've received three invitations from my friends and i just don't know what to do. maybe in the next few days i'll figure something out. maybe all i need is time and my time is running out.

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