Wednesday, December 27, 2006

its the first time angie come clean bout her relationship with brad pitt and my perspectives toward them have changed a little. not that i dislike them before this but her confessions bout her works, family and her future plans have totally amazed me. she and brad are not like what we thought they would be. its the same situation, if, i said if, so sudden i have gained a popularity that i alone would never imagined in years; few years after, met someone fabulous and got engaged. i most certain would get the same treatment like she is receiving at the moment. how shes embracing Gods grace after all shes been through. God opens up many steps and roads for us to choose and without doubt we would blame fate or God for our misfortunes, but have we forgotten what we have gained in our losses? priceless. i always take it as another lesson to learn coz there will be no happiness unless we tasted pain.


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