Thursday, December 21, 2006

the great escape

the great escape
i'm going thru another one
i'm taking the blame
for something i regret
i'm taking it to the grave
none of them should know
my hearts is no longer broken
nor whole
coming back would be difficult
although it's honoured
stranded in a place
i not know
these guts inside of me
these pain inside of me
if you wanna know
don't ask
see thru me
the other side of being someone
they were staring at me
suspicion look
throwing me to a deep corner
these walls keeping me
my freedom is far away
they wrapped me up in a blanket
i couldn't bare to peek
a hand kindly took me away
to a world
beside mine
as i'm standing by you
i'd have given up
long time a go
but still i'm confusing myself
they still talk
make me feel
like i'm not someone
i used to be
it's cold
when it's dark and damp
i can't feel
i still feel their hands
when it's too hard to understand
you come down
carry me to the sky
that i'd never thought existed
i feel arms around me
your smile soothes me

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