Friday, July 27, 2007

when i'm mad

1. Your 'ex' and You
= are just part of the miseries that happened in the past.

2. I am listening to
= head on collision by nfg

3. Maybe I should
= be more grateful for what i have and stop dwelling for what i'm not having, be wise and have more patience so i can be a better person

4. I love
= God, momdadsistbro and those who're loving me each and every second

6. I can't understand
= why, how what, and who

7. I have lost my respect for
= those who are careless and those who have hurt me along the way

8. I last ate
= tako2 and i'm damn full

9. The meaning of my display name is
= the greatest invention by me..a mix between me and my sist

10. God
= is the best, loving, the One who'll always love and care about me no matter what


01. is your hair wet?
: nope

02. is your cell phone right by you?
: it's with my mom

03. do you miss someone?
: yeah, badly =""(

04. are you tired?
: a lil bit..i get tired easily

05. are you wearing pajamas?
: yeah and i'm sleepy

06. Are you mad?
: yes, with circumstances, and chances..
though i can't question God but still i'm mad at myself

07. are you upset?
: yeah..but not that upset

01. recently done anything you regret?
: mebbe

02. ever lied?
: yeah definitely

03. ever stuck gum under a desk?
: yes..

04. ever kicked someone?
: hehe

05. ever tripped over your own feet?
: uh-huh i'm the master of falling down to the ground easily


01. have you cursed?
: not today, actually i don't really curse that easily except for something extra foolish

02. have you gotten mad at someone?
: yupp


Q: is there a person who is on your mind right now?
: yes somebody someone i miss badly

Q: do you want children?
: hopefully i'll be ready by then

Q: do you smile often?
: of course i'm the sunflower

Q: do you untie your shoes every timeyou take them off?
: i hvn't wear shoes in ages.i always wear flats or wedges

Q: do you like your handwriting?
: kinda

Q: are you a friendly person?
: not really..but hopefully i'm

Q: who's bed other than yours do yousleep in?
: only mine but usually i sleep at my parents bed too

Q: what color shirt are you wearing?
: red

Q: what were you doing at 7pm yesterday?
: eating

Q. I can't wait for...
: all of my wishes to come true..


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