Saturday, July 28, 2007

the love story
between moi
and NFG

i'm a hardcore fan of NFG (in case you don't know it's New Found Glory). the first time i know about them existing was when my ex gave me their cds. he dedicated a song called "dressed to kill" and i just laughed at his foolish act. so on the road home, i listened to the cd and instantly i fell in love with "my friends over you", "sonny", and "forget my name". but i didn't care about their whereabouts or even their names. so i kept the cd elsewhere, until few days before i graduated HS my ex gave me another cd. he thought i had already forgotten the song, but i still remember. on 2004 i saw NFg on TRL and i told my ex about their new song and their new album and he laughed at me beacuse he never though i'd still remember his fav band (he was amazed). love NFG

one day in 2004, i saw a lil bit of NFG's second single i don't wanna know. i was totally into that song..i had a crush back then and that song's definitely the anthem. though i was crushed by my crush, that song's definitely my fav of all their songs. i always love that video and the lyric, i was obsessed with the song. my sist hates NFG..though i know deep inside she sings to their song hehe. Thank God for NFG!

one day in 2006, i donwloaded NFg's songs coz i only have their stick and stones cd but it was in a poor condition coz it was kept carelessly (sorry!). and i listened to their latest single (on that time) which was it's not your fault and instantly it became my new anthem..because it pictured what happened to my sist at that time. i think since then i became officially NFG's biggest fan..heart NFG!

one day in 2007 (at some mall), i bought their coming home cd coz i couldn't find it elsewhere. and i was ecstatic even i still remember the shopkeeper might have thought i was another teenage girl who doesn't understand music. but when i paid the cd suddenly he tried to give the warm welcome (isn't a bit too late??). i love their new concept and i'm crazy for the songs in that album. heart NFG!

after boyzone, spice girls, limp bizkit, korn, slipknot, adema, it's NFG's turn to have all my attention! heart NFG


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