Thursday, August 02, 2007

finding *the one*
is like finding the right brush
for my hair..
why i said like that is mainly because as i grow wiser, it's getting more complicated to be in a serious relationship. i admit if someone propose me three years a go i might give it a go..but now, it's a heavy decision. firstly, i'd love to make both of my parents happy and proud of me. secondly, i'm definitely not ready for the big commitment because i still have commitments with my own life. as i grow wiser i think it takes more than love to make it work (it = relationship). life is never easy, so wake up and realize that life isn't always easy at times life can be bitchy. how can you be so sure he's the one? i think the only one who'll love me is God, almost second is my family.
marriage is not an escape..take it seriously. it's not about the wedding plans and honeymoon. it's about the responsibilities and the lifetime commitment. i totally disagree when young people are engaging in a very serious relationship because the victim is always the lady. take it easy, have fun *the positive ones*, and think with your brain not with your heart because heart melts but never will. i feel sorry when i read that most young marriages ended with divorce, mostly because the husbands are not ready to let go their lifesyles, their friends, and their egos. why when ladies are ready to be fully commited, men are still having the rights to have fun with their lame lifestyles? such a dissapointment. i'm not judging the women's right but i just want to know why are women rushing to be married when they already know the consequences and after few months they regret their decision. oh so L.A.M.E!
a friend of mine has already married with children, a friend of mine is having a baby without a husband, a friend of mine is eager to get married while i'm still the same 'ol girl but wiser and with better attitude. i know someday i'll be ready for marriage but not today or tomorrow. everyone's entitled to different opinions so am i. i don't like to discuss my status mainly because i don't feel it's the right thing to do it's just when the time is right maybe i'll do the honor to grab the microphone and tell all the people that keep asking me, the answer. i'm sorry it's just that for me what's private stay private. i'm not gonna kiss and tell because it's a SHAME!
my advice is, please think clearly and be's more than i love you, it's more than just the two of us, when you're married it's beyond your imagination! but if u're ready be my guest afterall i'm the spectator not the player. it's never easy, the sweet taste is only for one night the next day is still a big question mark. i'm definitely not a party girl so that's not the reason why i object premature marriage, i can cook, i can clean the house, do the housework, etc but for me marriage is something sacred. it's not something you can regret or take back your decision. it's final the moment you say yes to someone who proposes you!
my mom had my bro when she was 22, but that doesn't mean my mom freak out when i reached my legal age few months a go. she's very calm or even better she's very2 easy going. for her it's about meeting the best quality in someone not getting married at young age. i still have projects to do..though i don't plan but i hope i can settle down someday after i meet the right person just like i found the best brush for my hair heehee.
my grandma told my mom that giving birth is easy but raising your children is something extra hard. so please..make the right decision, think twice, at the end of the day it's your oqn decision. i believe God has given us the brain for us to think and decide which path we're going to pick. it's your choice leave God behind because if you fail it's not God's fault it's yours for making such a stupid mess. i believe God has created doors for us to pick, that's why we're being tested to be a better person. God has created different path, fate, and luck for each everyone of us. i hope i'm lucky enough to be a better person each and every day.
peace out,

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