Sunday, August 05, 2007

done, and moving

sometimes life is unpredictable, yesterday i was told a very much bad news and i had to find some ways to solve it. and voila, suddenly God with His beautiful plans answered my endless prayers and solved it in such easy way (for Him). alhamdulillah..i think that's all i can say to explain how i feel rite now after the almost *mess*. it's magic i think the way God has it all planned for me and still i don't know what will happen in the future or who am i gonna be with for the reast of my life. i think my mom is absolutely right when it comes to her view in life...she always said just take it easy laid back a bit, go with the flow, have faith in God, always smile don't frown or u'll end up looking like 1 week old bread, take everything step by step, and one quote from my dad *be prepared for the worst and always have plan c*. heart my parents! mwah..

i've been having this uneasy feeling about a week now..and it's very2 uncomfy for me *uuugghh!!!* i wish i could let this go and tell the person about my opinion. God, i hate this feeling it's not about jealousy it's about reality and think with brain! i'm not saying i'm the right one it's just that i hate it when someone is actually making stupid mistakes without his/her consent..OMG please give me a damn clue coz i can't tell the person about this uneasy feeling of mine. i don't want to be considered as intruder/ nosey person when it's not even my business *duh!*.

shout out: please do take care of yourself, and please2 think twice before you matter how good it looks like but don't judge a book by its cover. it might be sweet but the deeper it gets the more complicated the situation will be. it's better to cry now than later..regret is the biggest pain!

i like to watch lc on the hills *in case uve been living under a giant rock she's lauren conrad, laguna beach alum*. the first time i saw her when i was watching laguna beach on mtv, i wasn't a fan *tho i dunno if i'm now*. but i like her a lot..she looks good and i love her reality show. i'm glad that the hills is turning to its 3rd season because it's worth watching especially her time during work with teen vogue. i'm a very much big fan of the magazine, so it's a plus to watch the hills. hopefully i can collect all the dvds..

i'm listening to NFG's cover song called CRY ME A RIVER haha yupp that's right justin's version was good but this one is AWESOOMMEE!! can't believe they did really2 good..i'm speechless theyre very2 good at this *covering stuff*. hopefully their next album is going to sound like this one..if there's anything greater than this then i'll give them 20 thumbs up (including my parents and my siblings) hehehe. i think i love their previous work too it's amazing how a band can last after 2nd album..their songs reflect how i grew up back then. with the swearings, broken ups, ups and downs, and of course friends turned to foes. i like the fact that theyve grown into better musicians, i love them then i love them now

with love,


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