Thursday, August 02, 2007

wishes granted..
hmm, it's been complicated for me. but i know i have to be strong..Thank God i still have my family and i still have my faith in God. life is never easy but i still feel thankful because i'm still breathing and having my life on the right track. NFG songs keep me alive..heart 'em! i'm too busy to think about what people might wanna know/say/hear beacuse i have my own life and i think i have to balance my life with my priorities.
in case you haven't heard about mary higgins clark, try to read her book *daddy's little girl* it's light, sharp, and very entertaining. for me it's a good book. not only because i'm a daddy's little girl but the case is very much complicated. heart MHC! i'm reading the second time around also by her, and so far i love it. it's different from her previous books, and better! i love the way she portrays the main character. she's a champ!
thank God for youtube! i can see my fav band live at concert..longlive youtube!
owhh.. and one thing i'm so over my ex and my ex friend. mebbe theyre currently searching for my news which sadly NONE coz i've been staying low lately. so yes GTH will ya! i'm tired to be your fingger puppet. owh and for my ex friend *yes, u!* i had my hopes really2 high for us because i thought you were good but the fact is you're not. and now when i'm moving on why are you trying to fix it's damn late just like what you did to me. you're dead to me. sounds harsh but that's the fact both of them doesn't deserve to be happy after what they have done to me. liars, deceivers, bitches, cowards, morons, and betrayers. owh and for my ex..u're such an idiot if you think you might getaway with your sins..i'm never gonna wish you well!hopefully you're not the one who's gonna get the last laugh scumbag!
enuff of least i'm happy i did the right thing! thank you God hopefully i'll be better and of course with your blessings i'll do the right thing.
mistakes are lesson learn in time..never regret *though i regret for meeting people who have hurt me* because whatever happened in the past that's going to make you a very strong and determined person.
have a great life..

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