Tuesday, June 17, 2008


those starry eyes piercing hard on my back. turning my head around and caught your attention. when did it happen? i barely knew it would shook my world apart. another months of waiting and guessing but no answer coming out from your lips. i had to take my leave and i felt sorry if i left you without explanations you might have needed. you have given me no other options but to wave my hand as goodbye. funny exclamation shadowing my views about the things i should have done. did i have to knock your doors and pick up all the meaningless words you were about to say. how are you doing? is there anything i can do to patch up all those messed ups i might have caused to your life a little while ago. deep down i am half wishing to be able to meet you in a positive way. all of a sudden you have entered my world and sent me sky high. unable to hold your presence; i was more than willing to wait for the precious moment you seemed to offer. there were many uncertainties clouding our journey to eternity. it sounded marvelous back then, than it is today. could we have been more than friends? i did not know and probably will never find out the answer because we have once again, been separated by conditions. and now we are leaving in two different worlds without patience. i will shake your hands, but will you shake mine? i do hope to see you just to remind you that those fire were kindling inside our soul wasn't a lie. when will i see you again? *humming*

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