Monday, June 30, 2008


today on the 30th of june 2008, the final of EURO 08 will be held in switzerland. it's between spain and germany. who will carry the trophy to their country? no one could predict the future. but one thing is for sure, the winner will be the talk around europe as the new champions for another four years to come. as the newly crowned champions, they are entitled to get millions of euros. but i guess they don't give a damn on this business. what they do care is winning the title and go home with pride inside their pockets. i am watching the match right now and it seems to me german are taking the lead. they do know how to turn things around. with michel ballack parading in the midfield area, spain are looking toothless and cautious. it could be dangerous to leave senna out in the dessert who is patrolling as a sole warrior in the defensive area. i don't know if it works they way aragones wants it to be. in the quarter of an hour, both of the teams are going to their opponent's halves. and without a doubt this will be a cracker. i have got to go...c ya in a bit.

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