Monday, June 30, 2008


should i be happy over spain's victory? i think i should. i am glad cesc can finally taste glory after many disappointment with arsenal. it's a fight that we have yet to win it, so we need to be patient. it is like watching a boxer match between evander hollyfield and mike tyson. we will never know who is going to flat out his opponent but you can feel that it is closer than ever. we have to wait for the right timing and jab! the game is over. arsenal may have lost their talented midfielder mathieu flamini, but they have other diamonds sitting on the bench including abou diaby. whenever cesc and flamini are patrolling in the center, he has to sacrifice his own feeling by playing as a winger. though he shows a lot potential and has helped with the attacking pattern, wenger hasn't given him a chance to play regularly. i will always love him playing as a CM for arsenal and keep my hope high this season. he is a good combination between steven gerrard and patrick vieira. his tall figure can help the defence to flush away nasty opponents flooding their half. and when he attacks, he has this little similarity to steven gerrard, liverpool's captain. his shots are menacing and dangerous to every opponent's goalkeeper. perhaps, if wenger would allow this man to partner with cesc in the center, i think they could be stars in premiere league. diaby needs more time to adjust and i think he'll do just fine. unfortunately, he is prone to injury and currently battling for a place in starting XI. can he make it? i am sure he will make the final XI but the question is when  will it be?. with a fact that regular starters are leaving arsenal, diaby could potentially hit the right button. flamini and hleb are definitely out from the squad and soon, could be adebayor's turn to be walking out from the emirates stadium. both barca and AC milan have already showing their interest and could steal him away from arsenal base camp. the thing is, i don't care. i have said over and over that he should just simply talk to the coach and ask his permission to leave. i'm sure arsene wenger understands the situation and let him out. that's what happened to alex hleb. he wants out, he does it silently over his agent and not a single word of agitation comes out from his mouth. that'll be interesting idea seeing samir nasri could be revealed next week or the following week with henry's no. but i know it won't be happening since it has already been given to theo walcott. i am sure he's pleased with it and wants to do better next season. by the way, premiere league will only starts on august 16, if i am not mistaken. i can't wait to watch it, if i can for that matter.


ronaldo saga has lighten a bit after the guy called man utd that he'll come to pre season training in manchester. what has gone wrong with his head? a few days before, he claimed that real madrid would only be his destination in europe after EURO 08. but looks like he won't be joining after all. his not a man of his own words, what a shame. i assume he called it off because he knew that it will be impossible to join madrid not without lump sum cash. if he indeed wants to join other club, he doesn't need to sign a new deal with man utd but he signed it anyway. he still has four years to go and leaving the club, at the time being is almost impossible unless of course, real madrid are willing to pay 100 million euros. if he can generate profit more than his contract worth, ramon calderon the president is willing to take the risk. however, this man isn't david beckham. he may sell his shirt more than other players in real madrid but not in david beckham's league. i am not trying to be cocky or anything but this man should stand on his ground. no matter what he does, people are still admiring him. i really wonder why those people could be so blind. david who never talks out of his ego has been labeled as ego maniac etc. well, i guess unfairness does happen in the world of football.

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