Monday, June 30, 2008

the end of the championship

it has been 23 days since the first match of UERO 08 and the result is amazing. spain is the winner. they were struggling to qualify for this championship and almost being kicked out by their group rivals. however, it's a different story today. spain is the newly crowned champions and the whole country is colored in red. i think they will be paraded around town and be remembered as heroes. spain was never in the picture in everyone's mind. a lot of people are putting german on top of the list mostly because of their history in this championship. they have sealed a remarkable record by qualifying to the final for the 6th time in history and won 3 out of 6 times. it could have been 4 but they didn't do it at their best, therefore they have to bow for the newly crowned champion, spain. whatever people have said earlier didn't stop spain from going for a glory.


i can't tell a complete review at this moment but i can only be proud for what they have done to write off all the doubters. so, hail to the new king, or i supposed kings for that matter. england should adopt this kind of attitude. but i guess they'll never learn. after a long weeks of listening to shaggy dull song for EURO 08, finally i can rest assured that it won't be played over and over again. i hate the song especially if i had to listen to it everyday hundreds of times a day. goodbye shaggy, i won't miss you. spain coverage will appear tomorrow or the day after, i can't promise as i am still overwhelmed by the win. i guess i will enjoy the rest of the day with peace. cesc is the champion and casillas is the hero and the last but not least sergio ramos the warrior. aragones won both the battle and war; his tactics are working just fine. sorry for heavily criticized you in the past, i have to salute your brilliance. congrats spain

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