Wednesday, September 24, 2008

another win

arsenal won their last match against bolton wanderers with an important 3 points. well, at least newspapers would have positive stories written for their readers. but i can assure you that it won't be major headlines, unless they suffered embarrassing loss and crumpled against big clubs. anyway, i love it when everything works out fine. today, arsenal will compete against a division one club. nevertheless, nothing is taken for granted. arsene wenger is very keen to release his very young guns to get a win in third round of carling cup. so far, they haven't disappointed me the way they did last year. i hope they can go far this time and not be left behind by other big three. promising young players they were, have been developing immensely this year to fill up big gaps left behind by previous experienced players. we might have lost other talented players guided by arsene himself, but we can earn something out of it. some of them have improved including alex song and denilson. as the time goes by they are showing more cutting edge than before. having them on the team is huge relief, however we might need to shift our attention to  the defense line. as days passing by gallas and toure look more as unhappy couple to me. i missed the day when i see sol campbell standing firm on his ground protecting his area. he and toure formed a good partnership at the back and effectively send opponents away from arsenal's half. it's time for wenger to concentrate on his defenders instead of injecting more and more young midfielders in the center. let's get underway....

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