Thursday, November 27, 2008

somebody help me

as blue as my mood. my hands are shaking in a way that never happened before. i don't know what to do now since everything is not right. it is nearing end of the month and God knows what will happen when the day greets me. i should take it easy and don't dwell on my problems too long coz it will only take me down instead up. but i can't help to think about everything that has been coming my way since dad's departure from his old company. some people would say, 'it's your turning point buddy no doubt about it'. they may be right but not always. i can say that prior to his decision to leave, we had lived quite a normal life. i went to school and did my homework etc etc. there had been bumps along the way but they were only tiny turbulence compared to what i am experiencing. one false decision can take away everything in our life. life has never been the same.

life teaches me to be grateful on whatever conditions i may have. AC adapter for example. it may sound strange to a lot of people but not to me. it has served my family for nearly 5 years now and has not given us any trouble although we didn't give the adaptor a decent treat it surely deserved. and it chose to break down in a very wrong moment. we are currently tighting our budget due to an expected "visit" of an old foe in coming weekend, thus we want to stay away from over spending. but it seems the adapter is anxious to get itself a bit of attention from us. it needs a replacement as simple as that. a crude statement that goes beyond our own imagination. it probably wants to spend its spare time relaxing in a dump site. oh well, i guess i have to be patient anyway. why on earth it had chosen the wrong timing to retire? one good question.

God knows how to give. after so much agony i feel in my heart, He gave me some entertainment to enjoy. Thank Him all the way...God help me out...

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