Thursday, November 13, 2008


i haven't been able to digest this reality. as hard as it seems, i may have to accept it as a fact and nothing else. woman at my age, usually holds so much of potential. and by completing a degree, she can directly send her CVs to companies interested on hiring fresh apel. while it sounds so beautiful, it really is a fantasy for myself. i am quite frustrated by this never ending issue and intending to run away from it. but come to think of it, i have nowhere to go. no matter how far i will take myself to other parts of the world, i will never strive to a success without achieving it first. i have always in tears thinking about how strange things are going and hurting my own head by putting it into perspective. no matter how hard i try, nothing is close to reality. it is a total domino effect from the beginning till the end. one bad decision led to more disastrous ones. i am tangled up and showing no sign of recovery. can anybody tell me why i am here sitting with no real answers?. the more i ask questions the heavier my head is getting. probably i will be receiving some kind of enormous pushover by some people, claiming that sitting is never the solution. it is better for me to run and chase the answers sraight from their source. unfortunately, i haven't got a clue as to where to find the source. it may be hiding under the bushes or vanishing to a wardrobe. it might be just under my nose all along without me noticing its simple feature. go ahead, tease me because i am not finshed just yet. leave me in my own state of mine and you'll see what will come out in mere seconds

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