Thursday, November 13, 2008

a fan


i am a fan of numerous celebs in hollywood that is also include some of the most talented singers scattered all over LA. but none of them could beat my obsession, although i don't quite agree with this term, toward david beckham. i have been a fan of him since i was in junior high school, while he was playing with his old club man utd. i even  remember cutting an article from a magazine portraying a young becks holding an award. but i can't recall what kind of trophy was he holding. in that particular article, he wasn't embarassed admitting that he had a crush with posh spice who was a year older than him. although some people had begun mocking him as a fortune seeker, he had not backed down a little and continue dating the singer. eleven years passed from that moment and i am still a fan of david beckham and not planning to stop anytime soon. he had played for two different clubs and currently occupying as a captain in his new club LA Galaxy; his third club of course. i've seen him crying, laughing, frowning and so much more throughout his years in football but one thing i cannot erase from my memory when he was sent off from 98 WC. my father told me the incident and i was gutted to see him off. i was avoiding any newspaper in the day after, so i don't have to bother to read all those non sense headlines and able to continue with my own life. i know it was really hard for him and his family after the horrendous incident in the world cup, however as a fan nothing i could do to offer such hospitality except to support him all the way. he was lucky though to have a beautiful family and wife. together they overcame the horror and triumph those challenges.

his first memorable achievement of many was of course, to win treble with man utd. his contribution to the club had been recognized even by the manager himself. two years later he brought england to the 02 WC after slotting home a free kick that was agreed as his best moment of all. a year before that, he received an armband from peter taylor to become england captain. unfortunately, england had failed yet again to grab the title from the french and went home with their heads down. the following year, he went from the golden boy to the unwanted player. huge misunderstanding between him and the manager had led him to a tough decision. in 2003, david beckham signed for real madrid with a contract that sealed him for four years with los blancos. deep down i was 100% sure that he never had any intention to leave man utd if he hadn't been treated badly by the manager and the club.


three years without success in real madrid had made him a target from overwrought newspapers all over spain. most of them claimed he was a failure and overpaid galacticos. in the end, he proved them wrong. in his final season with real madrid, he helped his team to win the long-awaited la liga trophy. few months earlier though, former real madrid coach fabio capello had banned him from playing until his contract expire in june, so that means he could no longer be on the pitch as well as on the bench. it was started from the moment becks signing a deal with a californian club LA Galaxy. it such a pity that both the club and coach failed to see everything in order. becks wanted to stay but real madrid failed to deliver their promises. so, he had to move on as simple as that. since then, becks had never failed to attend every trainings and matches his club were having. he even made a quick stopped over in the dressing room to bid good luck for his teammates which is something noble considering his position at that time. comments and strong suggestions from real madrid teammates and of course, his dutifully trainings attendance had earned him a place in the team once again. the reinstatement paid off, real madrid won the title.


He arrived with injury and spent most of his time on the bench in his first year as Galaxy player. the next season though, he was able to conquer those injuries by playing every match he was scheduled for. the only matches he missed out were the ones that collided with his international duty schedule. however, everything hadn't been right for him as again LA Galaxy hit the bottom of the league. fragile defence and low rated players were the ones to be blamed for Galaxy's terrible performance in 08. Galaxy doesn't have rio ferdinand as their CB and certainly lacking the intelligence in CM. they have brilliant forward but everything seems worthless without the power of team work. this year,  La Galaxy slumped to the lowest yet again.

being a 33 years old player can only place him in one position, replaceable. he has been overlooked before but not as fierce as it is today. with many young players knocking heavily on the door, david beckham has no choice but to keep his match fitness in check. he can no longer be the first choice, so he has to measure himself carefully or being risked to be dropped permanently by the manager. his experience is surely the key here and armoured with it, he can rest assured that there's always a place for him in the squad. but nothing will be taken for granted. MLS season is over and england will be having  a couple of two friendly matches in the next few months. becks has no option but to stay match fit. and in order to achieve that, he is going to AC Milan on loan. the deal was to stay on the club for merely three months and play every eligible matches for the italian club. there was a rumour claiming that AC Milan were seeking for a permanent deal but it won't be a reality i pressume. it won't be easy for him as there are other talented players in the club and he is thought to be ready to fight for his place.

first premier league, and then la liga, after that he is venturing to MLS and lastly, i do hope so, serie A. it seems becks is never afraid to challenge himself more than any other players, except nicholas anelka of course. playing in different leagues has not made him a changed player. he is more of the same and probably will not be kaka or ronaldinho after playing for AC Milan. but at least, he can spend his off season with a club which is known in the entire europe for producing huge amount of talent and perhaps becks can be the next although i must admit he is a little too old to become a star player in the making. one thing for sure is to believe that he wouldn't be david beckham we know today if he hadn't been sent off in the 98 world cup. and he wouldn't have been as determined as he is today if he had not endured tough seasons in real madrid. all comes with good reasoning and only God knows why. david beckham will only get bolder and tougher because he is simply david beckham.


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