Thursday, November 13, 2008

missing all the fun

i haven't been able to watch live premier league matches due to my irresponsible act. those matches are only available on cable tv which is sucks. counting days to the day when all football fans in the world will be able to watch those matches free of charge. last week Arsenal were facing their archest rival man utd in emirates stadium, which Arsenal won by 2-1. i can still remember clearly, on how i was so excited everytime my heroes coming out of the dressing room and fought for their life on the field. there were times when i was so disappointed with their loss, i control myself against reading sport news from any sources. but grief and sadness did not always dominate my weekends. i once flew out of my seat, or window, after seeing arsenal beat their opponent. same goes with international matches. when ste-c, the former england coach took a bite of sea salt, he grudgingly agreed to let david beckham back into england squad. i watched the second goal with ease which becks helped peter crouch net his goal that night. soon after, the winning goal for croatia came just before the injury time added. as expected, england failed to capitalize their point and lost against determined croatians and sent them packing to swiss/austria. when england got their second goal i was hysterical and jumping with joy. nothing can prevent me from celebrating, but when the third goal came, i was so devastated and out of words to describe my sadness. it was unthinkable not to see england in EURO 08, let alone watching it. all those hysteria, curse epidemic and shouting mania have ceased in the past few months. i guess my mom is happy that she doesn't have to bear those non sense every weekend all year round. nevertheless, i do miss those moments of my life, how can i not? a match between Arsenal and man utd is one of those matches i will miss out and not mentioning those champ league matches every weekdays. o dear, i better pack up my bags.

anyway, becks is now on loan to AC Milan for over 2 months; while i will be given a chance to see him in action after so long, i am here with no real answer whatsoever, the last time i saw him running on the field was with england and not his club. considering MLS popularity isn't so hot in other parts of the world, no channels are willing to fork deep into their pockets to pay the royalty. other reason for not having MLS in other continent is that the fact their play time is in very odd hours. so, it doesn't help to figure out how to see my favorite football player in action every weekend. when he joins AC Milan this december, i will certainly be able to see him running and crossing the ball, that is if he succeed climbing up pecking order in the squad, against competitive teams in europe. unfortunately for him, there will be no chance to come face to face with his old clubs as AC Milan will only play in UEFA Cup instead of champ league. it'll be interesting to see him playing against one of them. although i preferrably choose man utd rather than real madrid. i guess fate has its own way to twist the life of human and God will be the leader who's in charge. well, life is nothing without challenges.

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