Tuesday, November 25, 2008

one good news

it's been a while since my last post and i am really happy to spread the news i just heard. william gallas has been stripped from his captaincy starting yesterday. i think this is a good news since arsenal embarassing defeats these past 2 weeks. i had always felt that gallas isn't suitable as captain in arsenal especially when he was only freshman while there were other appropriate candidates. only a couple of weeks ago i told my sister that gallas should be replaced by emmanuel almunia and now, newspaper brought daylight into my life. my sister even suggested to post my thought in famous gunner's blogs all over the world, so that arsene wenger would hear my brilliant idea. somehow, wenger heard my desperate cry. I AM NOT LYING claiming to have this thought 2 weeks ago right before my trip to my hometown. and now, almunia is already captain. i hope this change will bring freshness and new spirit into the team and not otherwise. we had seen the worse from arsenal, but it doesn't mean it won't hapen again. thus, this is the right time to make amends. go arsenal!! never underestimate our capability. the leaders beware, because we have many games to go before the season ends. nothing is impossible.

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