Tuesday, December 09, 2008

do bee doo

i am not in the mood in talking rubbish today. my previous posts weren't exactly written today and i am sorry if they somehow telling you outdated stories. i am, no doubt, happy about new arrival of old dslr in our household. other people might perceive it as lack of tech savvy. but who cares about what others think? it is time for us to learn something from the beginning. it is indeed will be a waste of money to buy film everytime it 'dings' and roll it back for us to extract it and replace with a new one. a huge different between an old and a new dslr camera is the effectiveness. with new and complicated updates for each series, has helped new dslr gained popularity. we no longer need bunch of film rolls in order to take photos in our everyday life. by using the same camera we can take any kind of photos in any given situation. not satisfied with picture taken? simply push the delete button and voila! it's gone, no more waste of space. however, i will be more than happy to take in an old camera since i can learn taking photos with any kind of camera, both new and old. besides, what's new without an old ones?.

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