Tuesday, December 09, 2008

she won't be happy

i talked about dad's shawl earlier and won't discuss it again. i can still feel the joy crawling down my skin but it slowly subdue due to unforseen circumstances last night.  but i won't be talking about that either. i want to say about how happy i am after many weeks of waiting. i saw this battered old camera in flea market i had visited 2 months ago and quickly fell in love with it. the condition of the camera itself had prevented me from buying it in the first place. it didn't work the way it supposed to but the lens proved otherwise. no one in the booth could guarantee it would work as it supposed to, so i can't take any risks. me and my dad were pretty confused whether or not to have a go with it and throw it away as soon as we found it to be useless. we walk ahead knowing only that could refresh our thoughts. along the streets, there were many sellers who were willing to take bargain price from their customer and go home quickly when they had managed to sell all of their things. on the way back, my mom found cute bag from MCM dated in the 90s. my sis loved it and mom was willing to take it home no matter what. out of my hesitation whether or not to purchase the old camera, my mom had used up all of her money to purchase the cutie bag. hence, i have no budget to get the camera home with me. since i had no immediate cash in my pocket, i had to rely on my mom to buy things in the market .while at first i had no interest at all to buy anything in the market, i found the camera stood waiting for me to take it home. now she had bought the bag for my sister i was left empty handed. i wasn't pissed off and all that coz i had no reason to. the camera is old and battered and probably ruined already, therefore the MCM bag seemed a great deal. with some polishing, it will shine again like in the old days.

coincide with the title above, i want to roll out a great purchase by my dad yesterday afternoon. my sister doesn't like to be the second but i had to do this coz i can't wait any longer. finally, after many tormenting weeks my dad bought a better old camera. i am so happy i can barely breathe. here's a pic of it sitting nicely on top of my dad's shawl. o my God....this is simply too good to be true

Keren gak

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