Friday, January 30, 2009

injury scare

so David Beckham was a celebrated player four days ago, can he make the same move this weekend?. i hope he would, however this news worries me a lot. i saw him limping off the field and i was quite suspicious on his substitution. it turned out that i was correct. he might have accidently injured himself while kicking a ball from getting caught in his area and i assumed he had injured himself after the kick.


nevertheless, always hope for the best. he could still play and enjoy good performance like he had in midweek, he might be replaced in the second half though considering his condition. i am sure Ancelotti is unwilling to lose one of his best asset at the moment, so giving him a rest might boost his fitness for the next game. if he’s not getting any better, i will expect Ancelotti to give Flamini a chance this time. who knows? i just hope it doesn’t happen. Beckham has been an influential player since joining from LA Galaxy on loan. Milan’s performance have also responding in a positive way. meanwhile, Lazio are pretty hard to crack, therefore AC Milan need their best players available this weekend. so Becks, good luck and we wish you to get better soon! 

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