Monday, February 02, 2009


oo i can imagine how long this blog is going to be, but i like reading unbearable blog of my own, who could guess why am i a #1 reader of my blog? i guess you all know. i have not been able to update my blog due to some cliché reasons. the match was broadcasted in the eve of Monday morning, therefore writing anything was certainly impossible. today, is probably the best moment to write my whole ideas of AC Milan’s match this morning.

looking at the first half, they did quite okay although i would have to say they could have done better and bolder in the penalty box. there were times, they were unsure what to do in the opponent’s area. i think the worst player this morning was Pirlo. he was doing alright last week, however it seemed he could not find his best form during the match and trailing from his other teammates such as Ambrossini and Beckham. what had happened with Pirlo? no one could give a straight answer. anyway, AC Milan were much a better side after teen sensation Alexandre Pato scored an opening goal for the Rossoneri right before half time. it seemed the tiger had finally been awoken and quickly became predator once more. in the second half, both sides were eager to give their sides an advantage over the other. to my pleasure, AC Milan doubled their lead with a well aimed header from stand-in captain Ambrossini. the cross was made by an improving-on-loan-player David Beckham in the 48th minute after a bookable tackle made by Radu that forced referee to punish Lazio with favorable spot for Becks. the cross was terrific and so did the finish. 2 goals leading from Lazio did not make Milan sit back on their half like they had done few days ago. Kaka posed constant threat with one shot that almost belonged to him. however, woodwork had prevented him from celebrating his goal that night. however, less than 10 minutes from end of the second half, Kaka made clever one two with Seedorf that resulted another goal for Milan and thanks to Kaka, AC Milan were able to pull a comfort zone between the two sides. a little before the final whistle, Ancelotti made 2 subs which replaced Kaka and Zambrotta with Sheva and Darmian respectively. during final minutes, Milan hold their ground pretty nicely and prevented from conceding any goal for the home side. 


to be honest,  i was more satisfied with the forward rather than the defense. it is of course due to their commitment up front to make Milan a better team that night. although, the writer in hails Senderos performance, i would have to say he’s far from his much older and better teammate Paolo Maldini in terms of many things. it was true indeed that AC Milan did not concede a goal that night, however i could see that Senderos need time to adjust with Serie A type of play. at times he was unsure what to do with those strikers and made questionable decisions. his glory was made when he was a youngster in Arsenal and grabbed the headlines when Sol Campbell was out injured. i am not sure which year was that, but i can clearly remember his day by day performance and i had to say he was making a history of his own. unfortunately for him, he had sustained an injury during his golden moment in Highbury and unable to secure a regular place in the squad. that was for me, a downhill journey for the Swiss national. much to my displeasure, Senderos is probably going to need more time and surely will find his form once again. i have a doubt though, he might not be the first choice to fill in the gap in the center back position. next season, Maldini will leave for good and i can only be sure that he will be down in the pecking order. there are other more experienced center backs in the team and lapping them would be a huge task. however, nothing is impossible. he can still do much better than he already had last Sunday.

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