Monday, February 09, 2009

deal is stalled

i had made a post the other day regarding AC Milan bid for David Beckham which of course had been turned down by Galaxy. the club claimed that Milan need to re-enter another deal if they are really want to take Becks away from Galaxy on permanent basis. reports have been saying that Milan are very serious to bring Beckham to the capital after his recent good form and might double their earlier bid for the Englishman. it also said that Milan initial offer was around 6 million Euros. but Galaxy won’t backing down from their price of $20 million. this is certainly a very high price for an aging player such David Beckham. but i believe they can reach consensus before the deadline approaches. Milan would unlikely to raise the price to match the amount requested by the American side, however they will find other way to catch Beckham from flying away to other club. this deal would be tricky and i can’t wait to see whether or not the deal is going to get through. as usual presented a player review after each highlighted matches and once again, Becks received good ‘grade’ among his teammates.

Beckham: 7.0- Put his heart and soul into the match and sent a countless number of his signature crosses into the box tonight.


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