Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arsenal vs Sunderland

in the wake of mountain pressure, there was news that RVP rejected renewal contract from Arsenal which due in 15 months. i can imagine the outcome of this ordeal. if Arsenal were to be left in the 5th spot, i am sure he would not be renewing his time in the Emirates Stadium. much have been done by the gaffer and it seems he has to lose another player he  has nurtured for the past years. well, is this some kind of fate for us? RVP is not the only player who wishes to leave every time something bad has happened to the team. previously, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and so many more before these players had left Arsenal when the going got tough.

there was speculation among the media that Arshavin could be starting wide in the flank replacing Eboue. however, i would like to see Vela playing in that position knowing the fact that he has adapted well with premier league way before the Russian had arrived. he is of course an interesting player, i’ve seen him playing earlier during a league cup and i found him to be a success in the Emirates stadium someday. hopefully, Arsenal will take advantage of their winning mood in the midweek and score some good goals today.

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