Saturday, February 21, 2009

what in the world?

well, this is certainly not a good news for Becks. AC Milan are seeking a 8 month loan for the English player up until the month of November which Becks can set himself free from LA Galaxy, therefore they are not going to make things harder when it can be reached in the easy way. it is thought that AC Milan will be making a move to swoop Becks from his club and looking to make him a Milan player before his loan contract expires on March. however, according to the press Galaxy resist Milan’s wishes to extend Becks loan up until November 09. i believe Galaxy are planning to cash in the English midfielder whenever possible. considering his contract is going to expire in the November, Galaxy don’t want to miss every single chance to get some cash from any club’s interest to the their player. Galliani has already expressed his displeasure toward this transfer saga is going and he promises that AC Milan will not improve their price for The English player because they are only intending to loan him for 8 months. Galaxy’s fans have been threatening him since his remarks of playing with Milan and his plan to stay fit during off season. unlike European leagues, MLS runs 7 to 8 months only and for Becks it is too little. his ambition to play for the national team makes it even harder for him to stay in the league. Galaxy fans don’t want him, and Milan won’t backing down from their earlier bid, Becks future could be in limbo. so, where’s he going? wait…..

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