Wednesday, February 18, 2009

could he stay?

will he stay? that’s a common question for Beckham right now. and probably he hears the question too many times a day. who wants to go back to no man’s land after brilliant experience with one of the giants in football? well, apparently no one is willing to leave the good side. i don’t blame Becks for his decision to stay with Milan, but i hated his decision to go MLS instead of European club a while back ago. people may send me hate mails after this, but i was telling the truth you guys. in football, going outside Europe means hanging up your booth forever. David Beckham as we all know doesn’t want  to quit international duty just yet. can you imaging going to Europe from USA? that’ll take more than 10 hours of flight. and when he does arrive safely, how would he react to training method?. fatigue, tired and probably half hallucinating from his flight, he could be risking his own health. people have been suggesting many things but i don’t bite at their words just yet. last time when i did, my tongue hurt badly. i am not sure whether IL GIORNALE has indeed interviewed Victoria Beckham or not, however they quoted some of her words and it seems Beckham might be staying in Milan after all. confirmation will be made on Friday and it said that the deal could favor the Italian club. i am not so convince though. LA Galaxy seems pretty adamant to let Becks go so soon. so i guess i’ll have to wait and see, hopefully the decision will favor him in any ways

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