Tuesday, February 17, 2009

this blog

i’ve had a lot of things said in this blog and sometimes some of them contained high level of anxiety, including the last post i made about football issues. anyway, this entry isn’t about football or about some lunatic celebs going down to the hospital coz he or she has made public about their sexual orientation; neither of them are precious right now. i may have previously posted about this blog and why did we have the courage to create one. in about 4 years ago, a friend of mine showed me her blog and encouraged me to go get one. i was not really into it and said nothing particular about it. until one day i had found out about a David Beckham fan site in the internet and i quickly became an addict to it. unlike some other fan sites available in the internet, this page offers many things and including updated news every day. and if necessary, the owner would add new updates on her blog more than once a day. the first time i’d seen it i’d love to add a comment regarding her great effort and thanking her for making such a good fan site. however, upon entering the page, it automatically redirect my request and asked me to sign up for an account. i was puzzled as how to create an account in a blog page such as this one. i had not backed down so easily and to make it short, i finally sign up for the account and be an owner of blogspot right after i clicked agree button. well, like people say there’s no turning back when you already step on something (dog’s poo for that matter?). anyway, the reason for me to create blogspot was to enable me accessing comment page on that fan site while putting no interest on updating my blog. however, my first entry had caught up on me and luring my hands every time i booted up my laptop. among many things, i mostly posted some news in football wise. while other times, i usually blabbed about my life and the world around me. but, in the end i decided to let this blog dedicated to football and celeb news only and let my emotions be ‘sprayed’ to other blog of mine.  i found another ‘space’ for me to write about almost anything that happens in my life, either they are good or bad i don’t want to hide it. this blogspot is actually a tool for me to represent my emotional state during good and bad time. however, no one can find something juicy in here coz  i have diverted my thoughts to another place that hold much more privacy for both of us. o yeah i forgot to mention that, my sis and i managing this page but she won’t be appearing any longer since her new blog is much more appealing than this one. we both agreed to let our touchy feelings run wild in other places.

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