Monday, February 09, 2009

terrible result

by now, every Milan fans in the whole world had known the result of their last match. instead of climbing up to the top, they are now sitting duck in the 2nd place. trailing with 8 points, will make Milan’s journey to be champions as far as travelling from US to China. i am not in the mood of writing full review of the match because something bad had happened right before i wrote this post, anyway that would be another matter to discuss. if last week, Milan were superior and looked dangerous all the time, this weekend they had not been a dominating side as everyone would have expected them to. the match against Reggina was as important as final, therefore Milan should have kept their feet on the ground and terrorizing Reggina’s defense with their talented ammunitions. as i have said before, facing a probable-relegated team could be tricky and it turned out that i was right. no offense but Milan had not played their best last night and were lucky to be given a penalty by the referee. i did say Milan were lucky to have been awarded a penalty, however they were not blessed with so much luck either. if i am not mistaken, they had 2 or 3 direct shots in the goal but none of them was fruitful and this was due to the brilliance of Reggina’s goalkeeper. and when the second half rolled on, they were unable to convert Beckham remarkable crosses into goals. well, i am not talking about 1 or 2 crosses here. meanwhile, Inter had cruised through by beating Lecce with convincing result. many people tipped they will be crowned as champions once again this year and proving time and time again they are relentless beasts. next week AC Milan will face the current league leaders, Inter Milan and will be without Brazilian playmaker, Kaka. i assumed he will be rushed to be able to join his teammates facing city rival Inter even though he might not be ready after all. Ronaldinho is expected to replace his fellow countryman’s position if let’s say Kaka won’t be able to play due to his ankle injury.

                  BRITAIN SOCCER

Ronaldinho was doing fine overall, but he still lack of play time. i don’t know what has happened to this former football player of the year. he has been out of form since his last season in Barcelona and had forced Barcelona to sell off their star earlier than expected. perhaps, Barcelona poor forms had contributed to his match fitness as well as his technical abilities. arriving in Milan after had been ‘shooed’ away by Barca had brought a lot of hope for their fans around the world. his nearly-perfect technical abilities made a lot of people believed that this man would bring something for the club. however, his 2 seasons have not been working out as expected. Milan still lagging from their city rival in terms of many things and this has made Ronaldinho looked even worse than ever. however, last night he looked rejuvenated for a while and nearly helped his side take advantage in the first half. too bad, he did not last long and replaced in the second term. here’s the link to the full review made by

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