Sunday, February 15, 2009


this is probably the biggest derby in football. i mean, which derby that actually consists of two biggest clubs in a country?. take premier league for example. Man Utd are the biggest club in the world and who are they city rivals? Man City. are they big enough to make threat? not necessarily. they may have rich owner, however their assets are nowhere near Man Utd. in  terms of popularity, Man City are 2 levels down from the premier league champions. their fans are scattered from Asia to Europe and cross atlantic in USA; every football fans around the world know who they are and how good the squad is.

let’s talk about Spanish league now. Real Madrid are the current leaders in the capital city and they are not alone in this town. Atletico Madrid are making much more noises in the recent years, however Real are too great to be be crossed over right now. sitting at second place in the league, Real Madrid have had tremendous seasons starting from their first establishment in the 19th century. derby is not abnormal in football and usually, each game will draw a lot more attention than any other matches. tension build up right before the match and will continue to heat up even after the match ends. but the biggest derby in the world of football is of course between Inter and AC. honestly, prior to Becks arrival i had not put particular attention to it and make no effort to watch the derby match each season. today’s match will be the final for AC Milan. if they lost this one, there wouldn’t be any title talk for the season. do or die Mr. Ancelotti. ever since Juventus had been thrown away to serie B 3 seasons ago, Inter have been having great seasons. winning the match would be a huge lift for Rossoneri and they can start dream on holding serie A title after many years of waiting.

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