Tuesday, February 17, 2009

not football


i am in no mood in talking about football especially after the loss of AC Milan to Inter. this could be the signal that title chase is over, who is to blamed? no one but themselves. anyway, i promised to myself that i am not going to talk about football in this post, so i will keep my word on that. i have been watching CSIs episodes from day one. starting from the 1st ever CSI to the latest spin off, CSI: NY. but, ever since my cable tv line has been suspended i no longer can watch every episode just like i did 2 years ago. anyway, CSI Miami has hit its pick since the departure of Marisol, Eric Delko’s little sister. Horatio has always been in the center of every evil exists in this world. somehow, all bad guys have had negative vibe around him. it is probably caused by his bullish comments and attitude, i can’t be sure which one elapse each other. a bad guy hates him so bad and hurt people he loves around him including his late wife, Marisol. someone had shot this lovely and lucky woman right in her stomach and left huge mark in Horatio’s life. the lady, of course had not survived of that point blank shot and died right in front of H. since then, nothing is right for each member of the team including Eric himself. losing his only sister would only make his life even gloomier. looks like the writers are eager to make every single day of the CSI members’ life one of a hell. lost and then got shot; whatta good script everybody, well at least it has made each episode worth waiting for.

i wonder what is happening to H son and his former wife. not hearing any news from her would seem even dangerous than bang bang boom she had pulled few episodes ago. i hope they’re safe and sound. fans all around the world can’t keep their feet firm on the ground since the relationship between Eric and Calleigh heats up and it looks like going to a direction. but don’t be happy just yet. CSI producers and writers love it when something goes wrong with one’s love affair. take Grissom for example. Sarah and Grissom were happy couple, but look what the producers and writers had done to their love interest? vanished into thin air. Horatio is no different. having had a brief feeling for former colleague, officer Yelina, his fling did not have the blessings from these people and had to be brushed aside. not long after that, Marisol suffered from the setback as well. even worse, she had been shot by Horatio’s haters out there. prior to Marisol, (i guess it had happened right after Yelina) H had something going on with a woman working in justice department. however, she had had to meet a horrible end before even get closer to Horatio. why does Horatio has to suffer in this kind of way? don’t you think he deserves some kind of happiness. give him a break will ya?. Mac Taylor from CSI: NY had been in the same situation as the other two casts i have mentioned above. his love of life perished in 911 incident, since then he had never let anyone entered his life ever again until he had met a colleague, i foolishly forgot her name, and began a new journey in his life. unfortunately, she had decided to leave him and stay at her homeland, England, leaving Mac swallowed his sadness alone. whatta torture indeed. it must have been bad for these characters to have seen their loved ones disappear one by one. well, what are you going to say this time?.

i’m sure fans all over the world are sitting over the edge as the new episode of CSI Miami hitting on Delko’s private life which means the fans will get the chance to see something interesting happen between Calleigh and Delko in the next episode. however, there’s a catch; Delko might be facing a bigger task, which is to avoid penalty from the department. the department specifically warned their employees not to engage romantically relationship between themselves that will jeopardize the interest of all parties. i am not sure how the relationship will end, but my guts is telling me that it won’t go far just like previous ones. so sad, coz i do think a CSI member does deserve to be happy and probably get married. i believe this horrific rule is only applied in Miami and not other place. Danny and Lindsay seem pretty solid right now and waiting to have a baby in the next a couple of months and we’ll see what’s going to happen with them. i hope they can get by with all the pressure mounting on their shoulders. being parents has never been easy especially with such working hours like they do.

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