Saturday, February 14, 2009

whatta news

i have always fancied this man to be sacked and Real Madrid board may grant my wish after all. Predrag Mijatovic is the man to blame for the whole chaos in David Beckham’s contract extension 2 years ago, and not to mention Fabio Capello’s sacking in the same year. how could you sack someone who had lead your side to a glory after 3 tormenting years? well, you can speak to this man if you are puzzled as i am. i had written a post few weeks ago saying that this burly man might be shooed away after the resignation of Ramon Calderon. i disliked the way he handled transfers. he had bought too many players and they are now running out of space in the dressing room, not to mention paying those sky high salaries. well, one more pain in the stomach is out from the picture. and now, i can breathe normally like everyone else….

while the fans are drooling over the fact that Zizou would be the favorite choice to replace Predrag, i am still wondering whether he has the enigma as other sporting directors. it is true that he IS still the best player in the world. to me there’s no one who can replace this man, just yet. Messi is an excellent player, but his style is nothing compare to magical Zizou. look at the way he ‘danced’ passing defenders, magic!. anyway, how magical he was his talent in picking up potential footballers is yet to be tested. can he be better than previous directors? maybe. let’s wait and see….

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