Sunday, February 22, 2009

whatta night

honestly, i have never thought that the draw against Sunderland would have sent me into bleak mood for the rest of the morning. i got better though, and found myself back on top again. however, reading news that Man Utd won in the late minute through Ronaldo free kick, made me even worse. how could they have pulled such performance? Blackburn would have seemed the likely side that ‘pinch’ right in Fergi’s ears but it was not meant to be. why did i have to endure such as this? why do i have to experience losses over and over again. i remember seeing Real Madrid plummeted to the lowest level in history but regained their position in the last year of Becks season. predictably, i would miss seeing their matches coz i was busy looking elsewhere. Becks departure to LA Galaxy had shifted my attention to Arsenal and became one of their die hard fans ever existed. instead of going up they are sliding down the hill like rollercoaster. the more i became an addict to them, the worse their season turned out to be. AC Milan are likely the candidate for downfall. am i the cause of this horrible nightmare? i don’t know. but i can’t help it, it’s like falling in love for the right guy but we keep fighting over the same thing again and again. we can’t help it but continue to move on with our life although we know there’s something is missing from our life. i don’t know whether my words are credible and accountable at the time being, i better stop cursing Arsenal or i am getting my nerve breakdown back on again.

anyway, the good news is, Real Madrid won against Real Betis at home with 6-1 score line!. can you believe it? i was dying to see that kind of score when David Beckham had been in the squad 2 years ago. i am happy though, i am kind of sad for not being able to watch the match for i thought the game would only have been played on Monday morning instead of Sunday. at least, i know they are closing the gap with current leaders Barcelona. when people have already claimed the title belong to Barca since months ago, personally i believe Madrid have the potential to hold on to the title. who knows? one can only hope for the best. 7 points gap seems pretty tough but consistency can beat the hell out of Barca! it’s good to see Juande Ramos has brought positivity in the team, i hope he can do the same next season if God permits. if he can give Real Madrid something this season, there’s no reason Real Madrid put him in the shadow as the season ends. good luck to you…..

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