Saturday, February 14, 2009

player rating from GOAL.COM

i was surprised actually to have read an article bearing David Beckham’s name and put him second best the night he collected his 108 caps. well, i was just playing around. of course his caps will always get the spotlight from the media and they won’t stop picking at him whenever they can afford to. however, Greg Ptolomey, the writer, did give him 7.5 point and only second below the star of the night, SWP. it was indeed a bright performance by the former England captain and if continue to do so, he will beat Peter Shilton’s record of 125 appearances. it is true that England were not the champions of the night and i agree with some of the people out there that it is time to take each match seriously. i was wondering why did Capello let Becks play only in the second half knowing that they were facing European’s best team? pondering the question time and time again. probably he was afraid Beckham would go senile and scored an own goal? come on Capello, you need someone who can bring on something magical on the field not firing blank bullets. England had already lost their key players and Capello made it worse by leaving their most experienced players on the bench. Lampard needed a minute or two to get used to the game but when he did, it was too little too late. any reminder to the coach?. probably hordes of people would complain on how useless Beckham was, but i believe the key was not him. the main problem was no confidence at all from the England camp. they were also saying that if Rooney, Gerrard, Walcott, Owen, Bentley, Young, Brown, G. Neville and Milner were all fit and available England would be full throttle once again. hello! where have you been? Rooney, Walcott and Gerrard were all greatly missed but the others? you were talking about Milner? o yeah we are it again. everyone was so hyped about Agbonlahor, but where was he 2 nights ago?. sometimes, a player could be a success in a club, however playing for national team is a different matter. Agbonlahor looked promising, but he faded away along the match and completely evaporated up til he was replaced. Capello needs to work on something really fast or else….

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