Sunday, February 22, 2009

mad mad Wenger;

gloomy as the color of this font. talking about challenging 4th spot inhabitants? getting a win is nearly impossible for the troubled Gunners and now entering champs league play offs may be skipped as well!. what a joke! i have never so pissed before with my Gunners. yes, i was angry when Wenger let Thierry Henry departed from the squad but that was inevitable; Henry was so desperate to get out of the North London club and his exit might be better understood if sit down and drink some beer. but not scoring against Sunderland? now that was the real joke. i did not downplay anyone here, but Sunderland were bottom fillers and scoring against these fellows might cure some of sickness in the dressing room. what on earth is happening? even Portsmouth had splendid night by netting two goals, and the last one was a lucky effort which deflected and resulted to be an own goal. but at least, they put an effort guys!. i saw some dribbling actions in the enemy’s frontline, but where was the goal?. i was hoping to get at least a goal and came out with full points, but instead another draw at home!. how many times did we see scoring chances from Arsenal? well, not many and most of them were charged by the new recruit, Andrei Arshavin. what i could see from this player is the motivation. he has the will to go upfront and challenge the goalkeeper which an act i have not seen in many months.

Arsenal players love to pass the ball around and end up in front of the box with nothing better to do except give it away to the opponent. and like i told you before, Arsenal have been missing the trademark man-to-man passes which make them famous and frightened by their foes. Wenger what have you done to the team?. if they continue to play like this, i bet more players want to be out of North London as soon as the season ends. RVP has stated that he wants trophies not wages. it is a strong signal that he might be leaving Emirates Stadium as soon as his contract expires. admirers such as Juventus, Barcelona would love to see this coming and snatch the player away from us, just like they did to Flamini a season ago when AC Milan brought him to San Siro in free transfer. did it hurt? o yeah it hurt so bad.

Gallas, Almunia and Arshavin were all the stars for tonight by playing with true colors instead of holding back their true talent. where do i see Arsenal at the end of this season? 5th place with possible 6th spot. will i be mad? no, i probably won’t coz i have already given up on Wenger

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