Tuesday, February 17, 2009


when i was first read about it, i was totally stars trucked. i have been a fan of Resident Evil since i was young. the first RE i have ever played was RE. it was good and possibly one of the best game i have ever played in PS. a couple of years later, i had bought PS2 for myself and quickly learned that RE2 had actually hit the store few months earlier. wasting no time, i rushed to the store and picked it up. it turned out to be far better than the previous one, with much improved control of the game and graphics as well. the game was regarded as the best right up until the third installment came into the picture. RE3 was the best in PS2 at that time in terms of graphic and game structure. after many sequels headed off to the stores, RE4 was probably top the list of the best game for PS2. it was completely different from its predecessors and i guess that made it editor’s choice back in 2005. i can’t quite describe right now coz i am too sleepy to be precise. anyway, i had just watched RE: Degeneration with my sister and i must say, CAPCOM had done a really great job materializing it into a movie. i believe this could be the first CG movie of RE. i really hope it won’t be the last. it’s like playing my PS2 all over again, however minus all nerve breakdown throughout the minutes. it’s going to be my favorite movie of the week, or probably month. i don’t know i guess i have to see whether or not good movies available in here. for the sake of my enjoyment, i’d love to put the trailer in here. do take note that the video is taken from youtube with the owner of Machinima

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