Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spaletti is angry!!!

it seems Christian Panucci has slim chances to play again for AS Roma after his embarrassing comments on his coach, Luciano Spaletti a couple of weeks ago. he refused to sit on the bench and rather walk away from a match. his reason is simply because of lack of play time. it is known that Spaletti is keen to play Casetti as a right back at the time being and leaving Panucci on the bench has set this man on fire. after his remarks of going to other club last month, he quickly made a U turn right before the window closed. no apologies Mr. Panucci? that’s bad. if you are man enough, go ahead and say those words. it’s football everyone! only 11 best players will be on the field and the rest should sit down and praying will be picked by the coach, or hoping one of his teammates injured himself while running. show your willingness to play for the club and you’ll be repaid. hard work and discipline are the key to success. so, Mr. Panucci have you learned your lesson?

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