Sunday, March 22, 2009

champs league everyone?

quarter finals are on everyone!. the draw took place last Friday according to European time and matches are ready to take place next month. here’s the list:

Bayern Munich vs. Barcelona

Man Utd vs. FC Porto

Arsenal vs. Villareal

Liverpool vs. Chelsea

a lot to say for these matches and i can guarantee you that these games must not be missed. Bayern had a lot to say in Lisbon few weeks ago, however they have yet to face the real champions. Barcelona would be their first test in champs league and i am sure these two teams would kill each other in admirable fashion.

defending champions facing their previously encountered rivals, FC Porto. many would probably predict that Man Utd are the clear winners, on the other hand i would rather wait until the final whistle to have say on this match. Porto could trigger a surprise here and Man Utd could be their next target. we all know that Man Utd are currently developing ‘mental illness’ after home defeat against Liverpool 2 weeks ago. should Porto take advantage of this situation? i think they should.

Villareal are one of Spanish representatives in champs league, so they won’t let down their fans around the world. about 3 years ago, Pires had left Arsenal for Villareal and he enjoyed good seasons with the team, and soon he could be facing his old boss and team mates in quarter finals. while some Gooners out there believed it would be an easy task for Arsenal, i don’t think this is the case. playing away from home in champs league has proven time and time again the weakest point for the Gunners. i don’t want to elaborate but i am sure you know the real statistics. Olympico stadium has proven to be their most recent hiccups for this season. although they finally won the penalty battle, i would say the game was wholly disappointment for the team.  Arsenal have to play without their ‘explosive’ midfielder Arshavin who is cup tied with his former club, Zenith St. Petersburg and this could be fatal. he is currently enjoying good and is proving to be a key player to the team since joining Arsenal last winter.

this could be the most watched match all over the world. Chelsea are facing Liverpool in champs league. who could ask for more?. i was hoping though to have  seen Chelsea drawn against Barcelona for quarter finals but my wish had been flown out the window. i’d love to see Liverpool in the final facing Man Utd once more but it seems reality and fate spoke otherwise but perhaps it is for the better. anyway, Chelsea performance in premier league faced tough battle as they were beaten by 1 goal against them. and guess what? Totenham Hotspur had been the team who sent them away from 2nd spot. talking about unlucky eh? Liverpool were the team they need to beat in order to put them through to final next May. why did it have to be Liverpool? again, my human mind ponders upon life. only God knows the best, so i will silent now.

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