Tuesday, March 24, 2009

good news

it is surely a good news for every Arsenal fans around the world. new recruit, Andrei Arshavin has declared himself a Gunner for a lifetime. well, at least up until he is 30 that is. at the age of 27, he has yet to reach his peak in his football career and by playing with Arsenal, he can give many things to young players in the squad. he was shining during the EURO 08 and was dubbed as the best player in Russian team. however, his fine display did not earn him a trophy after being defeated in the quarter. during his interview, he managed to let people know how welcoming his team mates are and how good it was to be able to sign a deal with the Gunners. he has yet to reach anything with Gunners, however it is premature to rule out Arsenal for any trophy just yet. there are 2 possibilities for Arsenal. either they have to win FA or champs league. i prefer both actually, but i am realist so i’ll go with FA. chances are quite slim but we do have plenty of options on the bench plus, Arshavin is available for FA, therefore we can still have high hope for this one. 

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