Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Arsenal won and Liverpool got their sight on Man Utd once more. is this a coincidence? i guess not. perhaps, after joy and happiness, there’s always sadness lurking in every corner and this time, Ferguson’s men are the victims. looking unbeatable since the beginning of season has drawn a lot of praises from every great footballers in the world, including Peter Schemeicel (sorry if typed it wrong) former Man Utd goalkeeper. however, he did state something, like, impossible for winning every cup which currently on Man Utd sight, including champs league and FA Cup. cruising through on every matches with ease did not make their champions though. 2 weeks ago, Old Trafford witnessed the most embarrassing defeat Man Utd ever encountered in their history. beaten 5-0 by their closest rivals could not have come in much more perfect time than it was 2 weeks ago. and now, the gap is much more closer than i could expect it to. 1 point away from Man Utd and Liverpool could just snatch it away from their clutch. indeed, Man Utd have advantage in premier league by having 1 more game compare to others who have played all their matches up to last week. i am talking about possibility of ransacking here. defending champions of both premier league and champs league, Man Utd are clearly favorites to retain those trophies after clinical performances on the first and second half of the season. however after the defeat against Liverpool, they do not look like Man Utd to me. but don’t write them off just yet because anything can still happen. any team could beat them and take away those titles. i really do hope so. come on Fergie why don’t we share. you’ve had 2 trophies already, let others take champs league and FA Cup slot.

last week, Liverpool once again helped make my day to even better. as you all know, Man Utd were down at Old Trafford in agonizing way, and just a couple of days ago the Reds beat Aston Villa in much of the same fashion. i guess i owed them this time. if Aston Villa were beaten again in the next match and Arsenal won, we can have good advantage over the 4th spot, although we can never relax on this situation. Aston Villa are currently enjoying a good season and although they were the losers last week, they played well and if Arsene Wenger loses sight, we could be in the 5th once more. i don’t want that to happen simply because i hate to see Arsenal in UEFA Cup which hold much more games than champs league.

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