Tuesday, March 24, 2009

quick update

we won’t be having premier league, la liga and serie A matches for 2 weeks and i am quite disappointed on that. but, i get the chance to see David Beckham play for England, if he were to be played that is. anyway, earlier Capello has mentioned on the interview that he is not going to pick out his squad based on his age. he likes a player who is match fit and reliable and Becks falls into that category. thank God, Becks is included for both matches, so i can see him play in the international stage once more. Theo Walcott is out injured and David Bentley has yet to prove his worth, so his remaining threat would only be coming from SWP. noticing that these matches are only friendly, there is a chance he might be coming out from the bench during the second half. hopefully right after the second period resumes. go Becks!

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