Sunday, May 03, 2009

Arsenal win against Pompey tighten their grip on the 4th spot

it was a delightful night for Arsenal fans around the world. the win against Portsmouth yesterday made 4th spot a feasible prospect for Arsenal. i must say, Carlos Vela impressed me a lot yesterday who apparently made only few appearances for the Gunners as starting line up. he has true potential as a world class striker someday. unfortunately for Arsenal, they do not possess a natural striker who can cause a lot of trouble with both of their feet. RVP and Carlos Vela are best example. however, Vela can be exempted from this since his maturity and experience in premier league is still limited. RVP needs to improve his skill on both of his feet if he wants to be a world class striker like some people claimed. he has a long way to go before reaching what Thierry Henry achieved few years ago.

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