Wednesday, July 01, 2009

nothing but rumors

sad day for football news. there have been plenty of news but so far, they are nothing but reports and rumors. interests for players who performed well during 08/09 season have attracted so many elite European clubs. those clubs are heavily known to spend millions in order to strengthen their squad for the upcoming season; those clubs are: Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona. however, for the past months, Manchester City suddenly came in to the picture. since the arrival of Arabian billionaire, they became one of the wealthiest club in Europe and they are anxious to beat their city rivals and of course much better side, Manchester United. it was proven yet again, that money wouldn’t certainly buy title easily. without good notion between the coach and players, there is always a chance of failing. last season saw Manchester United triumphed 3 titles including premier league without any billionaire helping hands. on the other hand Manchester City had to satisfy with their below 4th spot. rich businessmen have been targeting English clubs for the past 6 years starting from the Russian invasion back in 2003 and led to many other including the latest one in Manchester City. Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, are among English clubs that were purchased by wealthy businessmen. what concerns me the most is that their greedy transfer fee will lead to crumbling fair and square transfer market.

over the few weeks i read so many demands from players who claim to be one of the best player in the world. if Ronaldo demands $150 million fee, i wouldn’t mind it but Sakho? Dzeko? and so on and so forth. those players may have performed well in their respective leagues, however there’s no such guarantee that these players would actually fit in well in their new clubs. who are to blame?. can we blame agent on this? or should we point our finger to the club itself? what about the player? does he have anything to do with the fee requested?. perhaps all of them have something to do with it. i am sad to read those articles pertaining players wage demands. this thing shouldn’t have happened had not Roman Abramovich meddling in transfer market few years back. he bought players with ridiculous prices and then sell them half the price. these half-the-price players had been claimed as ‘unfruitful’ in the club. moreover, the new coach decided it was best to offload them since those players were not on his plan. since then, a lot of ‘successful’ players in their respective clubs, decided to market themselves during transfer window and told their agent to tell those clubs to bid for his service. cynical as it may seem, but i believe i am right.

recently, Barcelona have been hit by wave of unpleasant news. some players claimed they were not treated as decent footballers, therefore affecting their weekly salary as well as other allowances in other words they want an increase on their salary. should they make it public? i don’t think so. Victor Valdes’ agent even made it to newspapers expressing his client disappointment over his ‘tiny’ salary compared to other star players, such as Thierry Henry and Lionel Messi. the agent even said that his client was considering other options. Valdes is a decent goalkeeper and has helped Barcelona to win many trophies, however there’s no need for him to make it public over his salary. he could just get in touch with the president and discuss it like a professional player.

while some others have been busy in the market, Arsenal have been eerily silent for the past week. indeed, there has been news claiming that Wenger has interest in players, such as Sakho, Melo and even Ribery, however none of them have made into the dressing room so far except Vermaelen. unfortunately, Melo is intending to stay with Fiorentina and Ribery is unlikely to join the Gunners but yet pressmen have been eager to link Arsenal with those players. Wenger has a lot of concerns over his midfield area rather than thinking of buying another firepower upfront. although it might be good for him to have a reliable striker. i cannot wait to see Adebayor leave the Emirates Stadium. a player who doesn’t have the decency to play for the shirt anymore should be allowed to leave. the only thing that pull him back is the fact that Milan are still hesitant to purchase his service. if Milan bids, i am 100% sure he will head to the exit door. what about RVP? does he have the edge like any great strikers do? i am not convince. he may have the talent but certainly not the edge. his injuries are the one who claim our attention, not his goals. therefore, Wenger still need another 2 players or so to strengthen Arsenal. it is even better if he can find someone who can partner Cesc in the middle. someone who has the strong will and tackle too. Diarra is unlikely to leave Real Madrid but if we can lure him out of his current club, he is certainly ours.

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