Friday, July 03, 2009


transfer market has just heated up after Manchester United and AC Milan were both sent their representatives to Sevilla camp to lure Fabiano out from the club. it is known to all that the player himself isn’t ready to leave the club although he may snatch an opportunity to join other club in other region. Manchester still have the edge over Milan, however rough style of premier league may not suit Fabiano technical abilities. i am not saying he cannot play in the league, but very little Brazilian manages to survive in premier league. i am so excited to read those news after a week of silence in the market. lots have been said but they were neither conformation nor signing, however today would be the turning point. i hope i can see some good signings in weeks to come and discuss them in this blog, or else i would just help farmers grow up some seeds up the hill.

it is quite strange though for Fergie to acquire Michael Owen’s services after seeing him once again hit by another injury. since his arrival at St. James’ Park, Owen has yet to fill in the gap upfront. he rarely started due to his injury and spent mostly on the sideline. what Drove Fergie to sign him up instead of Carlos Tevez?. some of the fans could just smack their heads asking the same question. after having lost Ronaldo to Real Madrid, it seems Fergie is a bit frustrated to sign other major name. Ribery, Benzema are both reportedly ready to join Los Blancos while David Villa is unlikely to join the Red Devils without much of difficulty caused by his club, therefore options are now limited. with Michael Owen is ready to sign, Fergie is currently keeping tabs on sensational Argentine striker Kun Aguero as a direct replacement of Carlos Tevez. it is understood Atletico Madrid will never let Kun leave without heavy price tag, thus so far Fergie has yet to make major signings. i am more concern with the way he handles Ronaldo saga though. unlike other manager, except Wenger of course, he is sort of a person who doesn’t mind signing a non-star player in order to balance his team. when he first brought Ronaldo into the team, he was nobody, however talented he was, very little attention was drawn upon him. and now, he is the most expensive player in the world beating Zidane’s record back in 2001. so, what has happened here? has he lost his composure? or simply looking for a direct replacement. indeed, Ronaldo’s departure is huge gap for Manchester United to fill in especially when things get tough. many trophies have been snatched since Ronaldo’s arrival and looking for a player who can do the exact same is simply an uphill battle for the veteran manager.

Real Madrid make me jealous. since Florentino Perez successful comeback about a month ago, lots have been happening in the Madrid city, which mostly linked with his mega spending for the team he is currently building. Kaka, Ronaldo, Benzema, and soon Ribery, have all agreed to play with Real Madrid. those names are all but talented and skillful players and buying their services could mean a trophy or two. but, it could also go downhill, with so many great names, egos are flying around especially when everything falls apart. it happened few years ago right under his nose. could he make the same mistake once again? perhaps he did. but i really do hope Arsenal could do something to overturn this ‘sickness’ into happiness and success of course. and show to clubs like Real Madrid that sometime, star studded team couldn’t beat ‘average’ (some newspaper claimed to be that way) club like Arsenal. we can beat them right Mr. Wenger?. anyway, who would we sign up this summer? Melo is currently staying with Fioentina, therefore his services won’t be coming this summer after all. and looks like Ade will not leave anyway, so Wenger most likely will keep his current squad as it is. unless, there are others who wish to enter the exit door. so far, Toure, Eboue and Ade have been linked with many clubs whom apparently, change their mind after a second or two, that is if we can believe whatever written in the newspapers these days. i hope Ade exits, so i won’t need to see him play next season, moreover the coach can search any other player worth dying for out there. there’s also a rumor saying that Arshavin might just leave this summer heading to Barcelona; however no one has come forward to clear up the mess, so we can treat it as rumor, for now. 

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