Friday, July 03, 2009

media hatred

i came across an a blog yesterday, and was quite agree with the writer. i cannot go in details as i have so far forgotten half of the story, however i can still summarized it for my own refreshment. Arsenal have been the target for media hatred for too long now. negative perception has been built around London that Arsenal is the most sad football club in London. have you honestly heard Tottenham Hotspur being thrown rumors over and over again?, or Chelsea who apparently have more than just one trouble maker in their dressing room. indeed, senior players at Stamford Bridge were reportedly had a hand on sacking their coaches back in the day, but so far that was it. what about us? starting from Cesc imminent departure to Barcelona, Eboue intent to leave the Emirates, Arshavin wants a pay rise and recently he wants out too. if i write them down all of those sad news, i could go on and on for the rest of the day. everyone wants to leave Arsenal apparently, including the coach. why do they pick on us? i banged my head several times to the wall but couldn’t come up with answers. perhaps it is the fact that we have built our stadium, a nice one, with the help from the Emirates conglomerates? no, i don’t think it would be the one. they have also been mocking us for not having enough finance muscle to buy star players to strengthen the squad and instead we rely heavily on young players from time to time. it seems they are forgetting that The Emirates stadium is the largest stadium in London as well as the most prestigious and the training ground itself is now being used for England senior squad train before every international tournament. are they simply overlook this fact? as simple as it is. we may lack of money but the fans alone can generate enough cash to fund Arsenal financial burden. perhaps it is time to build strength to win trophies in order to regain our position. start to do some tours in Asia as well in the USA to create fan zone all over the world, therefore we can always have more resources come into play. well, Mr. Wenger the season is about to start, go chase good players will ya?

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