Wednesday, July 01, 2009

weekend without football is…

devastating indeed. i thought i was able to go by  and lead my life like the way i used to before knowing a thing called football. it happens every year but still, i can never bore myself with this any longer. both England matches have come and gone leaving me with nothing but singular experience. well, perhaps not too extreme they way i’ve put it. soon,

David Beckham will join the rest of his teammates in LA and commence his duty over there. meanwhile, Victoria is probably busy looking for the best schools for her sons. it is known that Becks is eager to play in Europe once his contract concluded this year. there are rumors circling around that 2 London clubs are interested on his service, while AC Milan is still on his mind. i can’t imagine David Beckham playing at premier league. apart from people’s mean views, i’d also question his commitment for not playing other club apart from Man Utd. i am no fan of Man Utd but what those people would say? i can obviously read an article titled “BECKS COMING BACK, BUT NOT FOR LONG”. people have been questioning his ability to play football at the highest level for quite some time now, and by coming to premier league he’ll only trigger those demeanor pressmen whacking his face all over again. can he still play a part in premier league team? i don’t know. but he won’t stay in LA that’s for sure. i was anxious when he had agreed to join the US football team without considering another European clubs whom have tried to sign him up. about 2 seasons ago, he had admitted to public that AC Milan were trying to lure him to San Siro, however only to be rejected and chosen coming to LA instead. last November he had agreed to join Milan for 3 month loan, which was done to enable him playing for England. and guess what? he stayed longer than he should have to. does he ever regret his decision to join LA Galaxy instead of AC Milan? i bet deep down his heart he’d say so. 

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