Wednesday, July 01, 2009

no Arsenal addition this weekend

i have been anxious to see who’s going to be introduced this month as part of reconstruction built by an engineer named Arsene Wenger. i guess i have to be more patient in order to see a better team. a lot of players have been linked with Arsenal this summer and it won’t stop until the very end. as i said over and over again, we need at least 3 players in order to shake up previous battered performances. the most exposed part is of course, CB. we should acquire someone who’s tall and strong enough to tackle a striker such as Wayne Rooney in order to rule premier league. Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool have all armed with those capable defense player at the back. with unlimited cash flow, Man C can just eclipse Arsenal next season, therefore Wenger should acquire the right players to cover us all around. Ade is yet proven to be a reliable player and RVP is too often to be on the sideline rather than to be on the field. while is good to have Vela as sub, however we need more than just words. Vela is a promising player and if he’s groomed well enough, he’ll be much better than his seniors. both RVP and Ade have yet to commit their future with Arsenal, thus adding a player or two won’t hurt our squad. i can’t help to think about Pato and Podolski whom posses similar technique and skill. both of these players have the pace we need and most importantly scoring ability which is lacked from both Arsenal strikers. i don’t say Ade and RVP are clowns, but when it comes in urgency both have failed to step up and score the winning goal, besides by playing up transfer rumors, it won’t improve their relationship with the fans. however, those desired players are far from our reach, moreover they might just over look Arsenal to other English clubs.

i wish we had more financial muscle in order to build up our squad, but that just won’t happen. we have to win champs league and premier league to strengthen our financial condition. after moving to a new stadium, Arsenal are a bit tight up with debts which of course in the end will affect our spending spree. with little and almost nothing, Wenger has done magnificent job for not letting us slip to 5th place. if Ade wants to leave, it is better to sell him at the requested price, it is simply because the offer might not come twice. he can be sold around 15-20mill. and with the money in our hand, we can have someone as good as him and probably even better. let’s just hope we can see some additions this summer because i am tired of seeing old habit hard to die.

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