Friday, August 21, 2009

0-2 for Arsenal

i had a thought of watching the game, but chose to rest instead. it was really early in the morning, and i had a quite tiring day the day before, thus waking up seemed really harsh for me. luckily, i had wonderful Arsenal fans on my twitter who are kind enough to give tons of reviews as well as video highlights. apparently, Arshavin and Bendtner were given another try outs and from what i gathered, they had very little contribution to the team last night. Bendtner was a classic display of Eboue who can be sometime a headache to the coach, but Arshavin wasn’t even himself throughout the game. his change of attitude came from his lack of rest by both coaches. i agree with everyone that resting him could be a fatal blow to the team performance, but playing week in and out for the rest of the season could jeopardize his overall fitness. therefore it’s be wise to bench him during Portsmouth match.

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